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The best way for an American to begin to learn about a foreign country is to host a student from that country. The best way for a visitor to the United States to get to know America, its people, and the English language is as a guest of a host family in our exchange program. Since 1979, Passport Exchange has introduced international students to the homes and communities of American families, and in doing so, encouraged students from Europe and the United States to establish bonds of friendship and understanding while improving foreign language skills and cultural awareness. Many of our families who hosted students in the past have been hosted in the country and family of their former guest.

Passport Foreign Exchange Programs:

Discover Boston

Our local Andover based program is for families in which both parents work and who live within a commuting distance of Andover. During the weekdays from nine to five, our agency, headquartered at Building 3 Dundee Park in Andover, will provide the exchange student a summer camp experience of tutorials, activities, and excursions. Family members may join their gusts during the weekdays for the activities and for excursions, many of which take the students on chaperoned explorations of Boston.

Families in New England

In this program, a parent needs to be at home throughout the visit of the exchange student so as to be able to introduce the student to friends, neighbors, and relatives, as well as to offer the guest opportunities for recreation and leisure. The family would thus, through its normal activities, incorporate the student into their own routine independent of the Andover-based program. Such families could take their guest with them on day trips, vacations, or to their summer home which could be located anywhere in New England.

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