Home Schooling

home schooling studentThe tutors at Beaven & Associates are well-equipped to work with parents to design a comprehensive curriculum for home schooled students from grade school through high school and beyond. We also work with parents to obtain recognized credit for the student’s coursework. Our flexibility allows us to work with students on one subject or several, supplementing parents’ efforts for part of a year, a full year, or multiple years. We offer a full range of academic and enrichment subjects.
We also welcome groups of home scholars who want to study a subject together. This form of instruction can be especially effective in learning literature, writing, and history. We can offer discounts to groups.

All students undergo a preliminary evaluation to gauge academic proficiencies and needs. For any given student, the number of courses and duration of the tutoring sessions may vary, so please contact us for information on rates.

Parents who consider home schooling should bear in mind that Massachusetts and New Hampshire both have set requirements and guidelines for this option, including full parental responsibility for the child’s education — a responsibility that some parents may not be able to undertake full-time or in all subject areas. In addition, both states require that one parent be with the child or children at all times.